Our company

    Aune Forlag is one of Norways largest distributors of everyday cards, seasonal cards, postcards, calendars and other related products. We are distributing brand names such as Hallmark Cards, Aune, Papicolor, Crayola, Hello Kitty, MeToYou and Ecojot.

    Aune Forlag was established in 1949 by Knut Aune, and has been a Norwegian Hallmark licensee since 1992.

    Aune Forlag is a family owned company, located in Trondheim. Our annual turnover is approximately $12 millions, and we are 45 employees taking care of finance, imports, logistics and sales.

    Wetrade is a division of Aune Forlag, handling imports and distribution of products different from our basic products, ie parfumes and organic skin care products. 

    For more information please send an e-mail to firmapost@auneforlag.no and we will respond to you.